Monday, July 19, 2010

Has the bp oil spill been fixed?

just askin
No. BP just recently added to the mess when they spilt their coffee. Its true look it up on youtube. They even asked experts like Kevin Costner. They took his advice and threw a ping pong ball at the spill but it didnt work. We

Are global warming deniers a liability to the conservative cause?

This is the headline of a National Post article today -

What evil human invention caused the Medieval warm period?

Some claim that humans are causing global warming due to CO2 buildup. I can

Do you understand these conservative economics arguments?


HELP! How do we stay cool in our home?

It is 90 degrees out, our air conditioning is not working, and it will not be repaired for 10 days.
I saw this on G4 but i guess it actually works. Fill a big barrel with cold water and put a tube into the barrel. Attatch a coil of piping to the back of a fan and attatch the tube to the piping so the water flows through it. When the water flows through the tubing you can add another tube outside and collect the water in another barrel so you don



What are appropriate questions for the global warming forum?

I apologize to the people that asked these questions, and I am just as guilty in participating in these discussion as others, but wouldn